Dear Business Partners of Vesen, Dear Colleagues, and Valued Customers;

When we entered the sector, we set out with an ideal and a strong claim. In the living spaces we created, we intended to combine traditional architecture with current technology, respect the environment and nature, and to provide our clients with locations where they would feel special. Despite the fact that we are only beginning our adventure, we have accomplished works that support our claim, and we have become one of the most respected brands in our industry. We continue to pursue our ideas with determination.

While the Turkish economy, which follows global and European trends, is expanding rapidly, we are pleased to carry out large-scale projects that will contribute to the country’s economic regeneration and create jobs.



 Our business culture, ethical values, and guiding principles have adopted the “people-first” tenet, allowing us to serve our clients with “equal, honest, transparent, and customer-centric” service.

We are pleased to share the success and pride resulting from our quality service approach with our solution partners, 40 white-collar and 500 blue-collar employees, and our stakeholders, and we are eager to offer our next projects to you with the vitality and synergy we have developed.

I would want to express my gratitude to our distinguished coworkers for adhering to our corporate culture and traveling the same route with us for many years.

Chairman of the Executive Board
M.Muhittin Palazoğlu